RF Drive Test & Optimization

Every RF design must be evaluated and optimized before its implementation. The RF drive test is fundamental to analyze the true picture of network conditions, and to set up the planning for its optimization and maintenance in order to maximize the quality and consistency of the network coverage, while minimizing the electro smog – invisible electromagnetic radiation field caused by wireless technology and main electricity wiring.

At S G Encon, we provide an end-to-end solution for RF and Network designs and for their optimized implementation. We develop designs from the scratch, as well as optimize and upgrade the existing designs through KPI (Key Performance Indicator) analysis, prediction tools for signal interference and other efficient ways to conduct RF Drive test.

Our Services Include:

  • RF & transmission planning and network designs
  • EMF (Electromagnetic Field)/RF Drive test: With more and more area covered under Wi-Fi connections and network wiring, electro smog today is becoming a major concern for public health. We measure the EMF and RF flux in every region of buildings and property and fix it to ensure a healthy indoor, as well as outdoor, environment.
  • RF & Transmission Surveys,
  • RF Drive Test Optimization
  • KPI analysis
  • Classification of Drive Test in Telecom industry
  • Single site verification (SSV) or Single Cell Function Test (SCFT)
  • Multiple site verification (MSV) or cluster drive test