Logistic Management

Logistics management is a key factor in providing cost-effective supply-chain solutions. And it is not just about ensuring whether goods are being transported from origin to destination. Logistics management services include several elements such as selecting appropriate vendors with adequate transportation facilities, mapping out the most effective routes, innovating competent delivery systems, and using technology to for efficient handling of the overall process.

At Aerial Telecom, we provide solutions for the entire logistic cycle from storage to delivery. Our extensive logistic management system covers primary as well as secondary logistics.

With our logistics management services we provide our clieznts:

  • Just in Time Delivery: With quickly rising business, storage becomes a major issue for companies, especially if it's a part of the booming industry, such as telecom. Aerial telecom, with its assured just in-time logistic services, helps its clients in improving their ROI by reducing the inventory and associated loading costs.
  • Specialized services: Specialized services for Sim, RCV and marketing material delivery
  • Instant Delivery Confirmation: Every delivery person of ours has an android phone with an app that sends instant delivery confirmation message to customers once the picture of their package is taken at the delivery point.
  • Dedicated GPS Enabled Vehicles: Making full use of technology in logistics services, we have GPS tracking system installed in our delivery vehicles to ensure the timely and safe deliveries, as well as to keep customers updated about the status of their deliverables.