Civil and Interior Works

From initial site planning and design, to construction & Interiors, all the way to final execution and installation of new infrastructure including Interiors. S G Encon Pvt. Ltd. offers the civil services you need to create a final, usable, finished product ready for inside offices and plant installation. We're here to help get your site's fully built with interiors or expanded. Some of the civil services we offer at S G Encon Pvt. Ltd. include:


Civil services lay the ground work for building a new or adding onto an existing civil infrastructure. As such, they can include everything from putting in a fence to interiors. Whatever is necessary to prepare a site for its Civil / Telecommunications structure, from engineering services to permitting services, S G Encon Pvt. Ltd. offers. We evaluate your location and provide any necessary communication shelter certification, permits, maintenance and repairs, electrical installation, etc.


Anytime you want to build a new site or developing interiors, civil services and Interior Designers come into play. They are what the rest of your Civil / telecommunications network will be built on — so any sort of expansion or new build benefits from these services.

WHY CHOOSE S G Encon Pvt. Ltd.?

When it comes to civil services and interiors for your Buildings/infrastructure and telecommunications sites, S G Encon Pvt. Ltd. is your best resource. Backed by over 25 years in the industry, we not only supply secondary-market outside plant equipment for telecommunications projects but also we provide a full menu of civil services, from permits stage to interiors. S G Encon Pvt. Ltd. prides itself on listening to our customers, paying attention to your goals and needs, so we can come up with the most innovative, efficient, cost-effective solutions possible. What's more, we handle projects internally from start to finish, eliminating the issues created by companies that farm out some or all of the work. Let us put our experience and expertise to work for your business and your new builds or expansions — our experts are happy to assess your specific situation and find solutions that suit it.